What sort of personality should the UK’s most advanced signalling centre have?

Office branding at Three Bridges ROC

Three Bridges ROC is located approximately midway between London and Brighton and staffed by predominantly Network Rail and Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) staff. They work together to control a large proportion of all rail passenger journeys in the UK.

Their state of the art facility was opened in 2014 and is the UK’s most advanced signalling centre consisting of the most modern signalling tools and technology that will help reduce delays, increase capacity and provide better information to passengers.

Although the building was functioning well, it was felt that the building lacked personality. This is when we were asked to advise on office branding.

The design process started with numerous meetings with key stakeholders, where we listened to views and opinions from over 30 Network Rail and GTR staff members. These were then integrated into the design proposals, and everyone kept up to speed as the design progressed. When we reached the final concept, the proposal was then put on display in the reception area of the building for all the staff to provide final feedback.

The installation was managed throughout by Will Baxter personally and was completed within one working week. The most complicated part of this was the erection of two 8m scaffolding towers at either end of the long 50m corridor. These were used to put up the wall branding which showed the evolution of both the railway signalling control over the decades and the rolling stock themselves. All of the work was carried out to match Network Rail’s safety guidelines, with minimal disruption to staff.

“The completed branding looks great and the feedback from various stakeholders has been superb!”

Hemal Vora, Project Manager (Change), Network Rail

Three Bridges ROC - office branding - reception

Reception area and lobbies

Office branding

After going through the reception area, the next area visited is the lobby. Here we continue the skyline from reception, but also start to introduce the ground floor gradients. These gradients were carried through the 1st and 2nd-floor lobbies as well as the stairwells.

50m Interior corridor

Office branding

Part of the building includes a 50m interior walkway. For this we researched, illustrated and installed a timeline of rolling stock on the Brighton Mainline from 1930 to today.

8m High interior end walls

Office branding

At the southern end of the 50m walkway, we researched, illustrated and installed these 8m high graphics. One end depicts the three eras of signalling, from 1930’s, 1970’s and to the modern, digital day. The other end shows the from end of rolling stock from the same eras.

Meeting rooms

Office branding

For two of the meeting rooms we installed feature wall graphics. One showing the complex London Bridge signalling area at the base of the Shard, and the other, a local landmark, the Ouse Valley viaduct. This later image was taken by Adrian Brackshall, a retired member of staff from Three Bridges ROC.

Break-out areas

Office branding

On two of the breakout areas we illustrated and installed relaxing local scenes, the first one below shows Seven Sisters and the second one is the Long Man of Wilmington (dated 1766).


Office branding

The largest wall area branded was the four stairwells. Taking inspiration from the Network Rail colour palette we introduced the colour fade which goes up the building from ground, to first, and to second floors. We also integrated the ‘hold the handrail’ safety message into the stairs and walls, removing the need for additional signage.