How do you use office branding to inspire 300 engineers?

Office branding for Transport for London

A year before the project was completed, the staff at London Underground’s Victoria office were asked to fill out a questionnaire and their number one complaint was that the inside of their office wasn’t inspiring enough. So management drafted us in to give it a motivational make-over.

Each part of the building was given a different theme. For example, the stairwell is light-hearted and humorous, the offices are work-focused and the toilets are refreshing. On the Southern walls of the Western stairwell we painted one feature wall in blue, which gets increasingly dark as you go up the seven floors, to match the colour of the sky. Our personal favourite infographic is this one which shows the average MPG per passenger compared to the top speed. The tube wins of course!

In one section of the open plan office we have a timeline showing the key milestones that the Power and Cooling sections have completed since their beginnings in 1805. Plus here they merge in 2014, and a list of upcoming projects. All this is aimed at motivating the staff to see what a long lasting effect their work today will have for millions of passengers in the future.

A motivational brand make-over for hundreds of London Underground staff working to keep London moving every day. We ha