WillB Shortlisted for the UKRIA 2017 Marketing and Communications Award

We’re delighted to let you know that one of our key projects for 2016 has been shortlisted for a prestigious rail award. The awards are put together by RTM Magazine and celebrate all aspects of the UK’s thriving rail industry. The category that we entered is ‘Marketing & Communications’.

The work we put forward was the recent Hitachi Digital Railway animation. This creative work communicated the need for the UK’s digital signalling transformation, Hitachi’s key benefits and also their proven ability (in Tokyo) for large-scale deployment and operation of the system.

The Brief: Marketing & Communications

How have you delivered key messages to your intended audience over the last twelve months? What have you done differently to engage your audience? And what technology have you used? Whether you have delivered this message through an advertising campaign on TV, in magazines, online, used PR or indeed social media, we want to hear from you.

The Shortlist

IQM Software – Calipso

IQM Software has developed Calipso, which enables firms to ensure that important safety and company-critical documentation are delivered efficiently. This will cut down significantly on a company’s printing and postage costs.

McGinley Support Services Ltd – SafetyINRail

Started over 12 years ago, SafetyINRail began as a single-page safety briefing. But over time, it has changed to reflect the business and expanded into a free magazine which aims to increase safety awareness within the industry.

Northern – Farnworth Tunnel Communication

Northern helped deliver a co-ordinated communications campaign during the closure of Farnworth tunnel, to ensure customers felt informed about the daily and long-term impact this would have on their lives.

Northern – ‘We are Northern’ Campaign

In July 2016, Northern launched the ‘We are Northern’ campaign, with the objective of generating the greatest amount of revenue by inspiring customers to take off-peak rail trips to destinations across the north. The £2m integrated campaign delivered a return on investment of 3:1.

Rail Operations Group – Brand Exposure

In an effort to increase the exposure of Rail Operations Group, with a limited budget, the company produced lightweight removable headboards that could be fixed to the brackets on the front of trains. This generated significant social media interest and free advertising.

WillB Brand Consultants – Hitachi Digital Railway

Hitachi commissioned WillB Brand Consultants to deliver a campaign focusing on the firm’s product offering for the digital railway in a simple and attention-grabbing manner. This resulted in an animation being launched at InnoTrans 2016.

Young Rail Professionals – Rail Week

This year, Young Rail Professionals played a key role in driving an industry-wide initiative to address the skills shortage in the sector with Rail Week. This saw over 70 companies open the doors of their factories, construction sites and control centres to let young people see what is done in rail.