WillB moves offices to Somerset House


As of the 1st January 2017, WillB is now based at Somerset House. Our new address is: WillB Brand Consultants, Somerset House, The Strand, London, WC2R 1LA.

When coming in for meetings, please make your way to the reception area in the West Wing and ask for WillB.

Our landlines, mobiles, emails and web address all remain the same.

Somerset House: A short history

In 1539, the land where Somerset House stands was bought by the Duke of Somerset. He then began to build himself a palatial residence. However, before it was finished, in 1552 he was executed and the site came into possession of the crown.

Queen Elizabeth I lived there during the reign of her half-sister Queen Mary I (1553-1558). After a few more centuries the building fell into disrepair and then in 1776 an extensive rebuild was started. 44-years later it was complete. At a cost to the Government of around £500,000 (£29m in today’s money) it became a list of public offices. This including the Salt Office, the Navy Office, the Stamp Office and the Tax Office. The latter two of these went on to become the Inland Revenue, which continued to be there in one way or another up until 2009.

Somerset House is now a new kind of arts centre in the heart of London. The ground floor of the buildings includes art galleries, restaurants and of course the famous ice-rink in the winter. These are all publically open to the 3 million visitors each year. However, all other floors are privately rented out to creative business, one of which is of course… WillB.