How do you engage with your readers, so that they absorb the full report?

Marcomms for RSSB

RSSB produce numerous high-quality reports of a uniform graphic design style every year. Although the content is informative, they were finding that many people were not engaged enough to read the reports in full detail. RSSB’s Business Plan FY 2017/18 was seen as an opportunity to try something a little different. This is where WillB came in.

During a preliminary meeting, WillB suggested that there were three approaches to bringing the business plan to life. The first was to use railway analogies, the second was to use infographics and thirdly it was suggested a more human-focused approach could be taken. As much of the work at RSSB is around ‘thought leadership’ it was agreed to use this final style. This meant illustrating various characters of different ages, sexes and ethnic backgrounds that could be used to depict the various areas of work that RSSB cover.

The Business Plan was sent disseminated by PDF through RSSB’s email system, website and social media channels. Numerous people within the rail industry remarked on the improved style, with one witty pundit commenting, “What sort of fresh hell is this? RSSB eschews old fashioned nonsense like photographs for vibrant avatar style imagery.”