How do you illustrate the Sector Skills Delivery Plan, which lays out the foundations for cross-sectorial collaboration in responding to the skills challenges faced by our sector?

Animation for National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR)

The National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR) has acted on behalf of the entire UK rail industry in putting together a plan to fill the upcoming skills shortage. They then needed to communicate the plan in an engaging manner that could be passed on throughout the industry.

The NSAR strategy team had already decided they wanted a whiteboard animation when they approached us. Additionally, they were keen to have a single image, Big Picture, illustration that they could use in presentations to talk people through their roadmap.

On Wednesday 7th December 2016, the campaign was launched at the Insititute of Civil Engineers. At the event, where the Roadmap and Animation took centre stage, many rail industry leaders stood behind the plan, publically backing it, to ensure it’s success. WillB is now working with Neil Robertson (NSAR Chief Exec), Shamit Gaiger (NSAR Strategy Director) and Damon Snell (RSSB Project Manager) NSAR in taking the next steps in delivering the ambitious plan.