Rail Champions – Brand Futures Presentation

On the 26th June 2013 I was given the opportunity by Chris Williams-Lilley, MD of Rail Champions,  to give a presentation on Brand Futures to a dozen or so leading sales and marketing executives in the rail industry.

Rail Champions breakfast briefings are a rail-specific form of networking. To meet and form business relationships with like-minded people. Their philosophy is about building relationships and these regular meetings offer a relaxed way to discover improve sector knowledge and try out new ideas with operators, maintainers and suppliers.

Will Baxter Presenting at Rail Champions


During my talk, I gave an overview on branding using Costa Coffee as an example, why is it that most people are happy to spend £3 on coffee when they could get the same content in a plastic cup for £1 elsewhere. I then went on to explain:

  • What part of your brand to change so you can charge more for your product/services?
  • How to make the most of brand equity in new bids?
  • Why your clients want you to re-fresh your brand?

Will Baxter Presenting at Rail Champions

Rail Champions

If you would be interested in networking with rail specific people, or interested in taking your companies products into the rail industry, then you should consider attending these Rail Champions events. They are held every couple of months at The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross Station, London.