How do you get TfL staff to really imagine that they’re standing inside a conceptual Power Control Room?

Office branding and design for Transport for London

As part of a wider London Underground Power SCADA project, we were asked to design and visualise a conceptual new layout for TfL’s power control room at Palestra, London.

The existing layout is rows of desks with numerous screens in each area. The concept was aimed at reducing the overall number of desks required, and bringing greater visibility to staff working there on shifts.

The concept designs were created thinking about the ergonomics of the users, with visuals showing operatives views for 5th percentile, 50th percentile and 95th percentile humans.

We worked with TfL staff to visualise their ideas in both 2D photo-realistic images and 3D virtual reality, which were viewed through headsets. The end deliverables were warmly received and shared extensively throughout London Underground internally.