How do you brand Hitachi’s new office with a light touch?

Office branding for Hitachi

Hitachi’s new office buildings had been designed and built to a very high specification, but it was felt that the numerous white walls could do with some branding.

Although they are a UK-based provider of software products for the rail industry, they set out in the brief that the designs shouldn’t be overtly related to rail, and more focused on culture, technology and innovation.

As a result of this, we have a range of graphics, from the co-creation image in one of their meeting rooms to the ‘hello’ quotes in numerous languages and the references to Japan. For this, in particular, we did a cherry blossom design for one of the reception lobbies and then added Hitachi’s values as Japanese characters in the director’s office.

The design was completed over a 5-week period and the installation done by a team of 4-people in one day.



Designed to reflect the names of the buildings, Solstice and Equinox House

As the whole office is split into two separate buildings there are two sets of mirrored stairwells. We took inspiration from the railway signalling simulators for the lines on the walls, and the different colours reflect the building names. Due to Bradford-on-Avon’s close proximity to Stonehenge, the buildings are named Solstice House and Equinox House. Solstice House has the sun colours, red, orange and yellow, whilst Equinox House has the moon colours of green, light blue and dark blue.

“We’re really happy with how the office branding worked out. Will’s team delivered us the light touch branding, but with a touch of colour, that we wanted for our new buildings. It kind of looks like it was always meant to be there.”

Denise Watkins, Head of Sales, Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe