How do you refresh a fifty-year-old brand for the digital era?

Brand identity & Marcomms for Ferrabyrne

As part of Ferrabyrne’s 50th anniversary, they wished to refresh their brand identity. Working with their sales director, Jeff Thorne, we developed an evolutionary brand, which took the best elements of their existing identity (the colour palette and the name) and modernised it for the digital era.

We did this by keeping the signature teal for the main colour, and doing away with the original font that was often difficult to read. We also simplified the website (26 pages were reduced to 9), by reducing and combining the content on many of the pages.

The new brand identity was then applied across the board, including website, stationery, PowerPoint presentations, and exhibition stands. A shorter, ‘F’ version of the logo has also been embossed on some of their products.

About the client: Ferrabyrne specialises in rubber-to-metal bonded components and rail suspension systems. They supply both rolling stock and rail freight customers across the UK and Europe. The company was formed in 1970 through the merger of Ferring Rubber & Plastics Ltd with Byrne Moulding & Engineering.