How to enhance your brand’s image prior to sale?

Nine-months brand support for DEG Signal

DEG Signal is a small but well-respected railway signalling design company. They have been around for over 20-years and been closely associated with the rise of the digital railway. At the time we didn’t know why, but we were asked to enhance the perception of the DEG Signal brand.

This was done by refreshing all of their outward-facing marketing communications (website and brochures), as well as creating their own internal and external newsletters.

After a couple of editions, we soon learned that the internal newsletter was surplus to requirements because, in the small office of 20-staff, it appeared that they all knew each other’s business!

However, the external newsletter was a great success. The news was spread via a direct email marketing database we set up for them, through some printed copies for key clients and also through news articles including Modern Railways. Researched stories on projects with the University of Loughborough and a strong case study for Transport for London, all added to the prestige of the company. Towards the end of the work the true purpose of the work was explained, as the directors at DEG Signal had been in talks with Ramboll, who were looking to buy the company. This went ahead on the 18th April 2018 and was the final good-news story we published on behalf of DEG Signal.