How do you create an engaging record of the emergency evacuation workshops, for the design of the Crossrail 2 tunnels?

DITLO for Transport for London

WillB helped the TfL Crossrail 2 project planning team, to visualise a number of scenarios for emergency evacuation, should the train stop between stations.

The visuals were developed through a series of workshops, which had TfL staff, ARUP fire specialists and officials from the fire service in attendance.

The final DITLO (Day In The Life Of) document was paramount in enabling the client and the fire service to better understand safe ways of working for both parties.

The result of this work led to significant cost saving. This has primarily come from the reduction in the number of ventilation shafts being required, with an increase in Cross Passages in certain sections.

p19 of 21. Detail of the isometric drawing showing the path taken by the rescue team.

p14 of 21. Process 5: Return to the surface for the first four firefighters.

“WillB was critical to helping everyone involved with the project understand the challenges that the fire services face when responding to incidents in tunnels.

Their work promoted discussion and provided a clear, engaging record of what was agreed in workshops. A pleasure to work with.”

James Goodger, Project Manager – E&M, Rail Systems, Crossrail 2, Transport for London