How did we work with the Year of Engineering to attract young people into the rail industry?

Marcomms for the Year of Engineering (2018)

As part of the ‘Year of Engineering’, the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) wished to create an activity book to excite seven to eleven years olds about the possibility of a career in rail.

Working with Damon Snell (RSSB) and Ione Ojanguren (RDG) we brainstormed ten fun activities. They then looked for the corporate sponsors to cover the costs of design, print and marketing, whilst I focused on the illustrations and graphic design. These illustrations show ‘Emily the Engineer’ as she travels around the country by rail completing activities. Games included spot the difference, a maze and a competition to design a new train – the winner of which won a trip on the Eurostar.

With 50,000 A4 printed activity books printed, teams of people from Young Rail Professionals, Network Rail and other sponsors spent a week at ten of the UK’s busiest stations handing them out. A secondary benefit is that the parents of the kids will also become exposed to the rail industry career opportunities, and could well apply for a job from one of the links on the back of the book.