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Young Rail Professionals

Video Production

With 5,000 members, Young Rail Professionals (YRP) is now the fastest growing membership organisation in the UK rail industry. WillB was tasked to produce an upbeat video that exemplifies what Julianna Moats, YRP London Chair, calls “The greatest night of the year!”
During the planning stage, we personally visited the TROXY event location, met with Paul Case (YRP CEO) and developed the storyboard. On the evening, our three strong film crew arrived two hours before the guests and prepared for the night. Using a combination of pre-rehearsed interviews with VIPs, general atmospheric shots and well-lit stage scenes we captured all the footage as planned.
Two weeks after the event the final draft was complete. YRP was then able to share the video across a number of online platforms. They will use the video to promote the event next year and support YRP as a whole.

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