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Rail Aspects

Branding and Website Design

Steve Brown, MD of Rail Aspects, is an extremely well connected and experienced rail professional. After many years working his way up through large PLCs he decided to start his own specialist consultancy. Rail Aspects helps clients with all aspects of railway operations and railway systems engineering.


Steve was after a minimalist and modern look for his brand. During one of our initial meetings, we brainstormed some logo ideas whilst he was in the room, the final design of which came from an idea we shared. That of three signal aspects with the words ‘Rail’ and ‘Aspects’ on either side of them.

The rest of the brand developed from this, with the use of green and greys across the colour palette. A green aspect sign represents a ‘Clear’ line ahead, whereas a red aspect indicates ‘Danger’, something we wanted to avoid in his branding.

The website went live the day after Steve left his previous position and he was soon awarded his first contracts very soon thereafter.

“When I decided to start up on my own, I was looking for some help with branding and website design so that I could focus on getting the business up and running. The great thing about working with Will is how quickly he understood my business – not just what I do, but also my values and the style I was looking for, so that the end product was pretty much right from the first time I saw it.”

Steve Brown, MD, Rail Aspects


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