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Video Production

For the third year in a row, WillB produced the promotional video for the ‘Next Gen Rail’ conference organised by RSSB, RRUKA and Young Rail Professionals. The video was filmed over three days at the Network Rail Westwood centre in July 2015.

This year’s theme was Knowledge without Borders. The programme is packed with interesting activities including a series of interactive skill shops to enhance a range of soft skills; a choice of technical site visits, which will allow you to explore some state of the art facilities in the area; lots of networking and team building activities, which are key to participants professional development.

In terms of video production, this time we used some new bits of kit, including a slider and a steadicam to capture the event with a more dynamic feel. Another first was the use of a professional TV presenter, Rob Bell, which adds a touch of power to the video.

The final video was used to great effect in the promotion of the event the following year, being part of the marketing package that ensured another sell out event.

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