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Network Rail: ON-TIME


ON-TIME (optimal networks for train integration management across Europe) is a three year project that has 19 partners. WillB was contacted at short notice to bring together the story of the project and present it in a cohesive manner.
Given an open brief, WillB was entrusted to understand the complexities of the project and pull together numerous sources of information to produce the video. We opted for two background styles, one the lightly vignetted white pages for key messages, and secondly, the heavily vignetted blueprint background for the more detailed information. The first phase of the video was to create a colour pallete based on the ON-TIME logo and the EU Flag, the second phase was to design the flat illustrations and then finally we brought it all to life with the animation and sound.
The animated video was first shown at InnoTrans 2014 on the 23rd September 2014. The video formed that basis of the exhibition stand on 4×64″ monitors and was seen by thousands at the event. Professor Clive Roberts and Dr Meena Dasigi both used it as the sole visual aid during their keynote presentations at the event.

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“The ON-TIME project needed a way of presenting their innovations in future rail traffic management to the global transport industry. In just a few short weeks, Will Baxter worked with the project to combine concepts, research and results from 19 partners across 7 countries into an engaging, informative and coherent story which forms the basis of the project dissemination events across the EU.
Will’s own experience in the rail transport sector was very helpful in translating ideas into visuals that reflected both the novelty of the ON-TIME innovations as well as their applicability to industry. We were also provided with his illustrations to use in printed material which gave the project a very polished feel.
What we appreciated most about working with Will and his team was their extremely flexible and responsive approach. We gave them a great deal of information in different forms and in a very convoluted manner and they were able to incorporate everything we needed, as well as using their own flair and experience to deliver outstanding results.”
Dr Meena Dasigi, Project Director, ON-TIME


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