Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe

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Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe


On the 1st September 2015, our existing client, TRE, officially announced their new name as Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe. During the months leading up to this we had been working with them to change over all of their online and offline marketing communication from the TRE brand to suit the new Hitachi brand.
Before we started the rebrand, we were given the full Hitachi corporate brand guidelines, which the new brand would have to adhere to. This 150 page document set strict guidelines, which included the fact that the new website would have to be hand coded for extra security. Our work covered the full spectrum of media including corporate videos, an iPad app, exhibition banners, splashscreens, website and full exterior office signage.
We are delighted to have our first Hitachi branded company as a client! Plus we would like to congratulate them on their first Traffic Management contract within the UK. Please take a look at the website we did for them here:

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“Once again WillB have been a tremendous help in our latest re-brand under the Hitachi banner. They have helped us quickly migrate existing and amended media into the new formats whilst adhering to corporate brand guidelines. I highly recommend their support.”

Tim Gray MSc BSc CEng MIET, Managing Director, Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe

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