FuTRO brochure design

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FuTRO Brochure Design

Graphic Design and Illustrations

To present a number of technically complex University-based research projects in a manner that the man on the street can understand.
Our illustrations coupled with relevant content, created a small number of short-form brochures that have already been distributed across the most senior levels of the railway industry.
Working with Dr Meena Dasigi, Truvin Analytics, who developed the word content for the brochures, the next step was to reach a wider audience. This was done by partnering with the client, RSSB, and hosting a one-day forum to discuss how the University research work could be applied in industry, by introducing the Universities to suitable industry partners. See more about this event here.

< Back to Work[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]”WillB has helped us a great deal in promoting the RSSB SafeCap+ and DEDOTS (Developing and Evaluating Dynamic Optimisation for Train Control Systems) research as part of the railway industry’s FuTRO (Future Traffic Regulation Optimisation) programme.

“The aim has been to present this technically complex research in a form that allows engineering teams across major organisations to communicate the concepts and benefits to a non-technical commercial and decision making audience.

“WillB’s illustrations and presentation design has been inspirational in supporting this aim in the form of a small number of short-form brochures that are already being distributed across the most senior levels of the railway industry.”

David Fletcher, BA(Hons), MBA, RSSB Research and Development Delivery Manager

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