Docklands Light Railway

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Docklands Light Railway

Illustrations – Graphic Recording and DITLOs


Docklands light Railway (DLR) is planning the introduction of a new fleet of trains. With this change came an opportunity to update the technology used and to improve the operational function on a day-to-day level. DLR wanted these operational scenarios captured and visualised.


Michael Milner, DLR external consultant, organised a series of workshops for DLR staff to look at different phases of the operational scenario. We attended these and produced live graphic recordings during them. These sketches drawn on the electronic whiteboard formed a focal point of the meeting. After the workshop, we later worked them up into a fully illustrated Day In The Life Of (DITLO) storyboard.

The future operational scenario for DLR’s Passenger Service Assistant (PSA) was taken from an abstract concept to an easily understandable storyboard. This ensured that numerous novel features would be incorporated into the future trains, ultimately improving safety and reliability for the passengers.

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