WillB wins FuTRO project with Truvin Analytics for RSSB

2018-02-28T21:35:58+00:00 25 February 2017|

WillB is delighted to announce that we have won a graphic design project for RSSB.

Our joint bid with Dr Meeena Dasigi, of Truvin Analytics, was chosen ahead of other bids because of our proven expertise in writing (Truvin Analytics) and presenting reports (WillB).

The work is in generating three smaller brochures, and one larger one.


RSSB Project T1071 – FuTRO (Future Traffic Regulation Optimisation) has generated a large number of deliverables through its DEDOTS (Developing and Evaluating Dynamic Optimisation for Train Control Systems) DITTO (Developing Integrated Tools To Optimise Rail Systems) and SafeCap+ programmes. The aim of the T1071 research has been to improve the technical readiness level of the products developed through these programmes to the points where they can be further developed into commercial products for use across the railway industry. The table below identifies the dates for work to be carried out by the supplier (Work Areas (WA) 1-4) based on the anticipated availability of the research deliverables.

Work Package Objectives

The objective of this work package T1071-04 is to prepare an easily understandable, attractive, top level brochure of a maximum of 35 pages aimed at key non-technical decision makers in the railway industry to highlight the achievements and benefits for the industry of the FuTRO programme, within the individual DEDOTS, DITTO and SafeCap+ areas. It will include:
• An outline of the progress that has been made
• An indication of the technical readiness levels of the products that have been developed
• An outline of the next steps and further development that will be needed to fully commercialise these into products that can be used within the railway industry
The overall objective of this work package is to promote the DEDOTS, DITTO and SafeCap+ products in an attractive and easily understandable way to the point where industry sponsors can quickly grasp the benefits and be persuaded to consider further investment to fully realise their potential value.

As the work that has been developed is of a complex technical nature, the products developed and their potential for further dissemination must be explained in an interesting and easily understood way that will be of interest to the general reader and ‘person on the street’. It must be clear how this work fits into the ‘bigger picture’ of other major programmes within the railway industry such as the Digital Railway programme and how these can contribute to the vision being developed through these. As such, it is thought that the preparation and extensive use of drawings, pictures and diagrams will be needed. An ‘infographic’ is to be prepared for each work area to convey the key features of the systems.