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Tuesday, 20th September, saw InnoTrans open the door to the world’s leading transportation fair. On the Hitachi Rail stand, they focused on their European successes and capabilities which draw upon the Japanese headquarters’ expertise – from manufacture and maintenance of rolling stock to traction, signalling and digital railway products. 

WillB supported Hitachi with the design of two interactive multi-media presentations. These formed a core part of their ‘Digital Railway Solutions’ pod.


^ A Truly Digitised Railway

First up, a look at the whiteboard animation that we created for Hitachi. This was a joint project between Hitachi Rail Europe and Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe and appeared on one of three 22″ screens on Hitachi’s ‘Digital Railway Solutions’ pod.

At just under 4 minutes the animation runs through the problems that the current railway systems face (all shown on a black background), and then (on a white background) it explains ‘Hitachi’s Innovative Control & Command Proposal’. Moving beyond this it runs through a long list of benefits and then culminates with their decades of experience from being involved with a similar system used in Tokyo.

“At InnoTrans this year our pod was dedicated to Digital Railway Solutions and we really wanted to offer visitors an interactive and engaging experience. The animation proved to be a real success, most people stopped and watched it all the way through which was a surprise given how much there was to see at the show and we had really positive feedback with some interesting questions.”

Denise Watkins, Business Development Manager, Hitachi ICS Europe


^ A Hitachi staff member from another division watches the animation


^ Here you can view about one-quarter of the Hitachi stand, and the nearest pod is the one we designed content for

Of the three screens with Hitachi’s ‘Digital Railway Solutions’ pod, there was one provided by Hitachi Japan, which demonstrated a railway line control view and then the third screen, was an interactive touchscreen designed and developed by ourselves.


^ Bob Page, Sales Support, uses the touchscreen to show stand visitors through their products and services

“The touchscreen was a great icebreaker for opening discussions and visitors seemed to really enjoy learning about our products in this way.”

Denise Watkins, Business Development Manager, Hitachi ICS Europe


^ Clearer view of 22″ touchscreen on pod, with integrated brochure stand to right-hand side (brochures designed by WillB)

This final 22″ was touchscreen, and worked in a way to mirror the iPad application that we had previously designed for Hitachi. If you are reading this on your iPad, click here, to download the iPad app for free. The content included in this explains all of Hitachi Information Control System Europe’s products and services. There is a special focus on how these can be integrated throughout the whole project lifecycle, because at present, many of their clients just think that their signalling simulators can only be used for training once the railway is fully functioning.


University of Birmingham

InnoTrans University of Birmingham

^ The stand provides a thought-provoking backdrop to the speeches on the exhibition stand

This exhibition stand may look familiar to some of you, and that’s because the basic structure remains the same. When we build exhibition stands we keep flexibility in mind, and so for 25% of the cost of stand, we were able to reskin the entire stand, making it look completely new. This cost saving enables our clients to keep current and up to date, thereby attracting more people to their stand.

Moving on from the lightweight, modular stand construction… the brief in designing the artwork was to provide them with a generic, yet specific graphic that the University of Birmingham’s BCRRE could use at every event moving forward. This led to three design proposals, the final one is seen here, which shows three different railway lines, with the different career opportunities available to those, depending on which level of further education they chose to take.


^ Final artwork in closer detail, you can see that each line mimics a different type of railway. 

Whilst chatting with our client on the stand, Professor Clive Roberts, Professor of Railway Systems and Director of the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education, I was delighted to hear his remark,

“The stand is really good. We’ve actually had people standing here, reading through all of the stand, which proves how engaging it is.”

If you would like to learn how WillB could help you engage visitors through interactive exhibition stand design, then please give us a call on 0207 112 8911