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On Friday 30th September 2016, WillB staff attended the inaugural BIG Rail Diversity Challenge. The event was held at Hanger 42, Bruntingthorpe proving ground in Leicestershire and arranged by the nationwide organisation, Women in Rail. The purpose of the event is to bring together people from all over the UK rail industry and raise awareness for the benefits of gender diversity through a series of mental and physical challenges. One of the rules was that the teams required a gender ratio of 50% female and 50% male. To fill our team of 10, we merged up with Porterbrook for the day. We were terrible at many events, but amazingly, we set the record (that day) for the fastest ever Formula 1 tyre change, in just 3.5 seconds.

8 hours of fun condensed into 18 seconds to give you a flavour of the mayhem.

Big Rail Diversity Challenge

Human table football was one of the most popular activities. Sadly we lost 1-7 to MTR Crossrail.

Big Rail Diversity Challenge

A highlight for many was the high speed laps in one of the many supercars. The range included a Porsche 911 GT3, Arial Atom, Nissan GTR, Audi R8 and my personal favourite…

Big Rail Diversity Challenge

the timelessly elegant Aston Martin DB9. You may think I’d go for the yellow Ferrari, but I don’t consider the soft, rather clumsily styled Ferrari California a real Ferrari.

Big Rail Diversity Challenge

The activities included expensive supercars, fancy lazer avoidance games and zorbing. However, my most enjoyable one was where we had 10 minutes to build the body (with weapons) of a pedal-powered car, then race it around a track whilst smashing up our opponents car. Well done to Pete, the fearless driver who drove our team to victory.



BIG Rail Diversity Challenge

Women in Rail