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Brand Consulting

Strategic advice to ensure your brand gets you ahead in the rail industry. 

The UK rail industry is enjoying a resurgence. With government investing billions, there has never been a better time to deliver a great product or service to this fast-growing industry.

Our consultants have advised CEOs, Managing Directors and Marketing Directors in the rail industry helping them grow their businesses.

Rail has many barriers to entry, not least deeply embedded relationships that make the industry appear resistant to change. However, a strong brand based on a solid strategy can help open opportunities within the sector.

Our work specifically looks at:

  • Your existing market position
  • Your current and potential market competitors
  • Developing or refining your Unique Selling Point (USP)
  • Advising on the most effective methods of communication
  • Helping you develop your vision, purpose, brand identity and website

We worked with Young Rail Professionals (YRP) when it was a minnow of a brand. As part of our brand research, we interviewed its founding directors and compiled a brand review.

This led YRP in a new direction. We then developed YRP a fresh brand identity, a new finance structure and advice on ways to forge new strategic partnerships.

Our brand consulting services include:

Brand Audit

A bespoke report and presentation with actionable recommendations about how to enhance perceptions of your business. The report is based on thorough brand research, including a SWOT analysis of your online and offline marketing communications and that of your competitors, and interviews with your key staff and customers.

Brand Development

The creation a unique company or product name, logo and tag line development, developed by our in house creative team.

Brand Scoping

A concise report with recommended actions based on a review of your existing marketing communications and interviews with key staff.

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