Storytelling that stands out

Few visual techniques draw attention like animation. Seeing stories sketched seamlessly across a screen has a magical quality. It also lets you tell your story at your pace, making it an excellent tool for complex industries like rail.

Our work specifically looks at:

  • Bringing executive summaries reports to life
  • Promoting new technologies
  • Helping people based organisations communicate change
  • Explaining complicated changes in operational procedures

Our experience includes developing a whiteboard animation for Hitachi to explain their Digital Railway capabilities in full.

The narrative first ran through the problem on the railway (lack of capacity). Then moved on to the many benefits that the Hitachi solution provided. The final section illustrated the ‘Tokyo’ project, where their solution has been in services for over 20 years.

Our animation services include:

  • Whiteboard animations
  • Animations for DITLO illustrations
  • Animations for embedding into PowerPoint presentations

Scroll down to see our 4 part process for creating effective whiteboard animations.

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WORK: Hitachi ICS Europe

A new story-driven narrative and whiteboard animation for Hitachi’s innovative control and command proposal.


Our 4 part process for creating your whiteboard animation


Meet with us and hand over your draft script – this could be an exec summary of a report.

Note: Animations are 120 words per minute so a three minute animation should be 360 words


We’ll produce sketches for each key point and puts them together in a timeline for your approval.

Note: Script changes can easily be accommodated at this stage.


We’ll illustrate each key point in detail for your approval.

Note: WillB will record the audio at this point too.


We’ll animate the illustrated key points and add the special transitions.

Note: Your wider team will be able to review the animation with a YouTube link.

WORK: National Skills Academy for Rail (NSAR)

Transforming the 1,000-word executive summary from the Skills Delivery Plan into life by way of whiteboard animation.