Graphic Design

Stand out and be noticed

Attention is scarce and becoming scarcer. People are bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages every day, so you have to stand out if you want to be noticed.

Through fresh, well thought out graphic design, we help your messages cut through.



Day In The Life Of

DITLO is a unique product that has been developed over the last decade by WillB. It has come about from the need for organisations to visualise change.

DITLO is a visual storyboard that breaks down a process action-by-action. First off we draw a family of characters who play roles in the story, then we create a clock which breaks down the key activities. After this, we have a one-page storyboard for each activity, derailing who does and says what to each other. Once completed, we can then issue as a pdf or animate (with voiceover).

DITLO can also be used to helps leaders galvanise their staff, by increasing morale and driving efficiencies.

Work: TfL Crossrail 2


The beauty of simplicity

Illustrations communicate complex messages simply and quickly. We produce clear, modern illustrations and animations that attract eyeballs and engage minds.

Our work brings heavy text to life, helps promote new technologies and helps people based organisations communicate change.

We have flexible illustration styles which can be used to implement; BIG PICTURES, illustrated Day In The Life Of (iDITLO), graphic recording and infographics.

Work: RSSB Business Plan FY 2017/18


Storytelling that stands out

Few visual techniques draw attention like animation. Seeing stories sketched seamlessly across a screen has a magical quality. It also lets you tell your story at your pace, making it an excellent tool for complex industries like rail.

Similarly to our illustrations, our animation work specifically looks at explaining the introduction of new technologies and operational change within a people based business.

Work: Hitachi Digital Railway

Office Branding

Smart offices for smart companies

A creatively designed office environment can increase staff wellbeing, motivate staff, enhance productivity and reduce staff turnover. Companies work hard to attract the best talent, we help provide that talent with the best office environments.

Our office branding services include office layouts, concept designs, final designs and with a partner company of ours, we can even offer the complete end to end fit out service. 

Work: Transport for London


Convey a complex message in a single image

During large scale operational change programmes, it can be difficult for everyone involved to really understand the big picture. This is where infographics come in, combining text with images in a technical way.

Infographic for TfL’s engineering transformation