Project Description

p7 of 21. Overview of the six-parts of major work.

Illustrated DITLO (Day In The Life Of)

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TfL typically outsources fleet-wide rolling-stock refurbishments to suppliers such as Bombardier, Alstom or Wabtec. However, on this occasion, they wished to change the status quo and develop their own in-house capability.

The Day In The Life Of (DITLO) illustrations helped to explain, step-by-step, their vision of how they would refurbish each of the 85 trains in 40 days. Shown here is an overview (executive summary) of the process.

The full 21-page document breaks it down to a granular level and includes a full list of the staff required and the train movements, as well as each piece of work.

p8 of 21. Introduction of all roles involved in the work.

An invaluable piece of work, which has saved countless hours trying to explain a complex process to potential suppliers, stakeholders & operators..”

Owen Holmes, Project Manager, Fleet – Renewals and Enhancements, London Underground

p4 of 21. Overview of the tube train being improved.

p6 of 21. Forty-day clock showing the refurbishment and movements of one train.