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Left to right: Clive Roberts (University of Birmingham), Simon Chadwick (Siemens Automation) and Andrew Simonds (NR’s Digital Railway) share a joke during the panel discussion

Francis How (IRSE) welcomes delegates from as far afied as Paris, Newcastle and Tisbury to RSSB’s London office

Francis How introduces the topic of FuTRO

Simon Chadwick (Siemens Automation) gave a presentation about SafeCap+

Meena Dasigi (Truvin Analytics) listens intently as people discuss topics that she has been involved with for almost a decade

Clive Roberts (University of Birmingham) gave the second presentation, on DEDOTS

Clive Roberts (University of Birmingham) openly discussed that most Universities see IMPACT as one of the three KPI’s of their work

Gemma Nicholson (University of Birmingham) and Taku Fujiyama (University College London) gave the practical demonstration of DEDOTS  

An enthusiastic Bob Theaker (Alstom) during the panel discussion, viewed with curiosity by Paul Gray (RSSB).

For more details on the FuTRO project, please visit the RSSB website here

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