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Who is WillB?

WillB is Will Baxter’s creative brand consultancy. Based in London, we create all forms of marketing communications for our clients.

Why WillB?

WillB Brand Consultants is simply named after it’s founder, Will Baxter.

Our tagline, Whatever will be, WillB, reflects our view, that whatever the marketing requirement, WillB has the answer.

What services do you offer?

We offer a complete range of design and marketing services. The company was originally founded around:

  • Brand consulting
  • Graphic design (logos, brochures etc)
  • Illustrations
  • PowerPoint presentations.

This has grown organically to include:

  • Animations
  • Email marketing / news creation
  • Office branding
  • Website design.

As well as these, our network of specialist consultants has allowed us to deliver other services including:

  • App design – mobile and tablet (ios and android)
  • Design, build and installation of exhibition stands
  • Video production
  • Virtual Reality experiences.

Why is so much of your work for the rail industry?

Rail is fascinating from a technological viewpoint as it’s the most energy-efficient form of mass transit on the planet. As the world becomes more populated and natural resources diminish, rail will continue to stand out as the way ahead.

However, we don’t work exclusively in the rail industry and have completed creative work in aviation, automotive and other corporate sectors.

Do you offer on-going support?

Yes. We have a number of clients that we support with their on-going marketing.

For one client we provide a complete out-sourced marketing service, including writing news items, email marketing, and social media account management. This is operated on a monthly retainer system. They are a relatively small company (15-staff) and find it good value for money as they don’t require any expensive full-time marketing staff of their own.

How long does it take to complete a project?

This obviously depends on the complexity of the project, but to give you a rough ballpark…

  • We rebranded a £5m company in four-months (logo, website, brochures, corporate video and exhibition stand).
  • We completed a three-minute whiteboard style animation for Transport for London in six-weeks.
  • We designed a 25-page PowerPoint presentation for Hitachi Information Control Systems Europe in one week.

Why do Hitachi, TfL and RSSB use you when they have their own internal marketing teams?

We find that our clients use us for a number of reasons. Sometimes their internal team is too busy doing the day-to-day work or they want a fresh pair of creative eyes on the project. Additionally, they may not have the specialist skills in house for some of the services we offer.

How much do you cost?

Our prices are in line with the industry standard for specialist consultancy services. Most of our projects are done on a fixed price basis, but we have a couple of clients where we have a call off contract, and just charge a day rate.

How many people work at WillB?

As I prefer to spend my time being creative, rather than managing people, I have no full-time employees. Instead, I utilise a ‘best-of-breed’ methodology, using my network of consultants on a project by project basis.

Geographically, whereabouts do you work?

Our offices are based in central London, along with 80% of our client base. The other 20% are based in the South West and Midlands. However, we are more than happy to work anywhere within the UK.

What is Will Baxter's background?

Will Baxter, our founder, and director is a designer, illustrator and author. In 2002 he graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a degree in Transport design. After the completion of his final year thesis, the design of a lightweight sportscar, he and fellow student, Colin Williams decided to go the extra mile and put the car, named the Toniq R, into production.

After graduating, Will worked full time as an industrial designer for Interfleet Technology, whilst developing the Toniq R on the weekends. This gave Will his first taste of running his own business. After completing a two-year graduate training scheme at Interfleet Technology, Derby. He stayed with the company for a further five years whilst building a strong network both within the company and their clients.

He has simply just built on these relationships and focused on delivering quality work. This has provided WillB with a niche market (brand consultants to the UK rail industry) within which to specialise.

What's the process for commissioning a piece of work?

Traditionally we’ll come in and have an initial free consultation with you, we’ll then come back one week later with an initial itemised quote for the work. We will then finalise this with you in person. After this, we’ll then request that you raise a purchase order and we’ll start the work. For new clients we may ask for a deposit, however, for returning clients, we’ll invoice monthly with 30-days payment terms.

Will you come to our offices and do a 30-minute presentation to our team?

Yes, please give Will a call on 07815 056 026 to have an initial discussion with a view to arranging a meeting.

Can we come and visit your offices at Somerset House?

Yes of course. We have modern meeting rooms at Somerset House which can accommodate up to 12 people.

Do you have a PDF portfolio that you could send me to email to my colleagues?

Yes, please email will@willbaxter.com to request one.

My question is not on this list, who do I ask?

If you would like to know anything else about WillB Brand Consultants, then please either call Will on 07815 056 026 or email him: will@willbaxter.com

Our Consultants

Maryam Baxter


Maryam designs our clients’ print collateral, from brochures, booklets and newspapers.

  • Maryam has been working as a freelance graphic designer since she graduated from Middlesex University with a degree in Visual Communications / Graphic Design in 2004.
  • Other agencies that she has worked at include Saatchi & Saatchi, AD Creative and Maverick.
  • Her experience covers a whole wealth of sectors including from art world to fashion, medical, drinks, charities, luxury, rail, B2B and FMCG.

Sjors de Wildt


Sjors develops smartphone Apps for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.

  • Sjors’ experience comes from eight years in the mobile market,originally starting with SMS marketing, then in store bluetooth beforesmartphone Apps.
  • Sjors’ has done work for clients include Coca-Cola, Seat and Kia. Hehas recently started designing products for the iPad market too.
  • In his spare time Sjors likes to sketch caricatures of his clients -so you have been warned!

Mihály Orodán


Mihály sketches our illustrations and infographics.

  • Mihály’s has ten years graphic design and illustration experience, with a degree from the Univerity of Szeged, Hungary.
  • Mihály’s extremely creative and although able to adapt to clients requirements, have developed his own artistic style of illustration.
  • He tells us that the best things come in pairs, his wife and him, their twin boys and his two rabbits.

John Graham


John is an experienced brand strategist and designer who also acts as our business mentor.

  • John has run a long established design consultancy comprising a teamof 20 with blue chip clients, operating globally in UK, Scandinavia, NewZealand, Singapore and USA.
  • His clients include Alize, Kobrand New York, M&S, Telenor, DSGi, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, ASDA, Coca Cola, Henkel, Microsoft.
  • In his spare time he can be found at home in his minimalist flat with his beautiful cat, Bets.

Tom Underwood


Tom is an award-winning director of photography.  

  • Tom is our go-to video production man, combining all the skills to capture video and sound as well as edit the video together.
  • He has worked with us on the Next Generation Rail video as well as our own marketing videos. His our clients include Channel 4 and Seymour Powell.
  • In his spare time Tom is usually planning the next great car show to rival Clarkson and co!

Rebecca Sharples


Rebecca doing live graphic sketching as well as detailed big picture illustrations.

  • Rebecca’s experience comes from a foundation as an art therapist and school art teacher
  • Rebecca has worked with us on the visualising the operational concepts for the New Tube for London.
  • She has recently completed an art exhibition of her own work on show at City Hall.